Pattridge Open Space

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Pattridge Open Space is a great little spot in the Northwest of Jefferson County. It's easy to get to, and has lots of parking. There are usually not too many people here. Occasionally some bikes and horseback riders. The trail is wide and well maintained. It is not incredibly peaceful however, 82nd Ave runs alongside the trails, and you can hear some car noise. But still, a beautiful spot to go for a quick hike and some nice photos.

There are plenty of gentle rolling hills, and nice lines set against the backdrop of the Foothills. There is also a nice creek flowing through the park, and a well groomed trail that always makes for a nice leading line into the Mountains. There are a few trees as well, which can make for very interesting subjects especially around sunset and sunrise. 

There is also a trail that will take you up to the top of the plateau - right near the parking lot. This is a good place to go if you'd like to get a good view of the mountains, or a better view of Denver and the plains. A lot of prairie dogs up here too. Not much other wildlife, but I've seen rattlesnakes, hawks, and coyotes. 

There is also a good view of the Leyden Rock -  a serpentine rock formation that runs parallel to Rt 93. Unfortunately, from this vantage point, it is cluttered by the Allied Waste facility. 

Golden Hour during the summer is my favorite time to come here. The color of the grass, the wide open sky and frequently cool cloud formations against the backdrop of the Rockies make for some great shots. 

The space is technically open from sun up to sun down, but I've spent plenty of twilight time here and no one seems to care. Here is a link with some more information:

All in all a nice place to go for an easy hike, that offers a decent amount of good landscape compositions. Not the type of place that will offer a once in a lifetime photo or anything, but hey you're outside within view of the Foothills with your camera, so just do it.

Happy Shooting

- K

Pattridge Open Space Directions

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